A Catastrophe So Vast It Will Engulf Every Person in the World

The scientists are now solemnly warning us that we have only a few years to avoid an environmental catastrophe so vast it will engulf every person in the world. But people don’t believe them. It is as if every vulcanologist in the world were warning the people of Pompeii that Vesuvius was going to explode but they partied on, for, after all, the dailies Sop, Pap, Quibble and Rubbish were all assuring them it was just scaremongering. Horrors so great that before they happen you cannot even imagine them nevertheless do happen. How many people in 1939 could even have conceived of the atom bomb or Auschwitz? It is hard to conceive of anything more idiotic than being more concerned about Brexit than this issue but I cannot think of any MP in either the Conservative or Labour Party who does not at least give the impression that this is the case. Worst of all though is the Green Party, for people look to them for a line about the environment but they won’t terrify people with the enormity of the horror that’s coming, for, like Sir David Attenborough, they think it “turns people off”. Well somebody has certainly succeeded in turning them off. But we don’t have to just lie down and die. If we are determined and resolved enough we can still not only turn this round but create a better, greener and more peaceful world for our children. Google www.climate100.co.uk and join our facebook group The Next Twenty Years.


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