A very nasty regime indeed could seize power

The Brexit people constantly refer to the sacredness of democracy and the 2016 referendum as their justification. But they consistently show utter contempt for the democratic institutions that safeguard our freedom. The Daily Mail regards judges upholding the law as enemies of the people. MP’s following their conscience are traitors. Emma Soubry should be hanged from Tower Bridge some of the more extreme think. Jacob Rees-Mogg wants to burn down the House of Lords. The Government tried to outflank parliament by awarding itself Henry VIII powers. Dominic Cummings refuses to appear before a parliamentary committee. What does he fear? The Leave campaign subverted democracy by telling lies wopping even by the standards of politicians and probably gave themselves an unfair advantage by spending more money than they were legally entitled to do. Very possibly the whole Leave campaign was illegal. Yet despite this and their reverence for the will of the people the Brexiteers in the Government will not allow a second referendum. Do they fear they might lose? These are straws in the wind. If there is economic chaos and a breakdown of law and order after Brexit, and who knows, a very nasty regime indeed might seize power. Some of the loudest voices amongst the Brexit people have no interest in democracy. Be warned.


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