Angels on Fire climate through comedy are performing at 7.30 on Saturday May 9th at Joshua Brooks and again at Apotheca Bar in Thomas St at 7.30 on Wednesday 13th.  We do hard-hitting satire, much of it about politics and climate change.  Climate change is the overwhelming issue of our age.  The scientists are now unanimous.  If we don’t quit oil urgently and decisively we, and even more our unfortunate children, will face a terrifying future of whole countries going under water, hundreds of millions homeless and starving (you can’t believe that but that is what they are saying) extreme droughts, floods and hurricanes and many more earthquakes (an extraordinary number already this century and, although this is highly speculative, this could also be because of the weight of carbon now in the ocean), huge species loss, perhaps vicious resource wars that could well go nuclear and perhaps terrorism with WMD as the starving desperately try to force the haves to share what they have.  This isn’t fantasy or science fiction.  It’s what the vast majority of the scientists are saying.  It’s unbelievable.  But even more unbelievable is that in the election campaign this greatest of all issues, the greatest surely in the whole history of humanity, has hardly been mentioned. The vast folly of mankind! But it’s still not too late to halt all this and start building a much better post-fossil fuel world if we set about it decisively.  But you can’t shove all this kind of thing down peoples’ throats all the time.  So in some gigs we treat the climate theme pretty lightly.  These are amongst those.  But please come and support us anyway.  Comedy is a good way of getting the message across and we need audiences.  £1 only on both occasions.  So cheap not because we’re rubbish but because we’re just starting and we want to lure you in.  Joshua Brooks on corner of Charles St and Princess St 7.30 Saturday May 9th and Apotheca Bar Thomas St 7.30 Wednesday May 13th.  Please support us.  Anyway you’ll enjoy it we’re sure.  


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