Come on Alan Bennett

The esssential thinking of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads is that sex is disappointing and vicars are well meaning charlatans. Plenty of evidence of course. Clearly for many perhaps most people sex isn’t ‘my fantastic sex with two boyfriends’ you sometimes read about in The Sun and think of all those vacuous pleasantries vicars spout on Thought for the Day. But Alan Bennett seems to have forgotten there are also beautiful things and even people everywhere. Perhaps he needs a dose of the demotically vulgar pilgrimages to Walsingham I was made to go on as a boy. How I hated them. But they had colour, punch. If the alternative is the anaemic stuff you get on Thought for the Day…I never dreamt then that I would have lived to see the beginnings of the last times. But here we are. You’d have thought the vicars would have realised. Perhaps they should read Mark Lynas’s Six Degrees:Our Future on a Hotter Planet. He claims to have read 7000 scientific papers before he wrote it. Once we pass the climate tipping point, because of the feedback effect global catastrophe and the eventual demise of the human race is inexorable. The scientists gave us till 2020 to halt the rise in carbon emissions. But instead they are rising rapidly. Come on Alan Bennett it’s far worse than you thought. How about inspiring us to do something about it now we are in the last chance saloon. I’ve given up on the vicars.


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