The elephant in the room in this election is climate change.  The public, misled by newspapers, don’t realise the extreme peril they and even more their children are in because the politicians won’t tell them.  And the politicians don’t tell them because they are frightened they will be unpopular if they do.  Or are they just stupid?   Best stick to just flinging abuse at each other.  I’m so fed up with the Green Party.  The atmosphere of self-congratulation and triviality at party conferences is stifling.  ‘Ooh don’t frighten people with apocalyptic messages they don’t like it’.  But according to the scientists we are facing an apocalypse. For the Green Party it’s dustbins in Brighton all the way.  All the politicians must bear blame but especially the Green Party because the public look to them for a line on the environment.  If ever there were a need for strong and bold leadership it is now.  But where oh where?



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