Every age has its insanities

One of the problems about being human, with our inventive brains and vivid imaginations, is that so many people are ready to believe anything so long as it is absurd and illogical and lacking in evidence enough.  Thus, the Nazis needed to wipe out six million Jews in order to prove to themselves that they were the master race.  British imperialists destroyed the sophisticated Indian cotton industry by military force, allowed a million and a half people to starve to death in Ireland and forced opium addiction onto the Chinese all in the name of free trade.  Every age has its insanities and one of ours is the transgender nonsense.  It is certainly true that occasionally people of one sex are, through some embryonic accident, born with the genitalia of the other.  But there are not very many.  For most of us you would have thought that observation of one’s own genitals would have been persuasive evidence that one belongs to one sex and not the other, but not to people who have a vague conviction that biology doesn’t count beside a feeling you’re not the sex your body might suggest you are.  But the Nazis could not allow themselves to think the thought that maybe it was a feeling of inferiority caused by the loss of the First World War that was at the base of their vainglorious assertion of racial supremacy, and those upright Victorians rarely seemed to have considered that what they really wanted was stealing other peoples’ stuff so they could be even more rich.  Do the transgender people ever worry that what it really is at bottom is that guys with beards want access to womens’ changing rooms?  Probably not.   Grown men wanting to pull on girls’ knickers, a not uncommon immature male fantasy, and solemnly calling it LGBT + is hilarious.  Just chill out.  But such aberrations lead to tragedy, as the Victorian self- delusion let to so many terrible deaths in Ireland (Peel had wanted to use state bought Indian corn to feed the starving but Lord John Russell’s free trade government stopped it) and the British imperial project began with the slave trade tearing people from their homes in Africa and exporting them to the West Indies.  There was little thought of that at Queen Victoria’s imperial jubilee or Lord Lytton’s Indian durbah in 1877. Can you think of anything more destabilizing for children than being led to wonder whether they aren’t really the sex they thought they were? Stop it.  My goodness this is going to bring coals of fire raining down upon my head.


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