How could one not hate Tony Blair. But he’s right on Brexit

You may hate Blair – how could one not? – but on this he’s right.  We were all conned by the leave campaign which made us dream of a Brexit that is undeliverable.  I’m a remainer but I have huge sympathy for leave voters.  I too  want to renew the British industries Mrs Thatcher destroyed,  get people rotting on the dole and dead-end jobs into proper work and a feeling we are all pulling together to renew Britain.  But you won’t get that through Brexit.  When we leave we shall be desperate for trade deals and do you really think China, India and the US will take pity on us?  They’ll squeeze our balls till they shriek.  American agri-business with its huge federal subsidies (ardent free traders are never averse to big dollops of state money, witness the banks) its economies of scale and rock-bottom environmental standards will wipe out UK farming.  The first thing the multinationals will want is to privatize the NHS.  We won’t be able  to afford it anyway but even if we could they’ll sue us under TTIP for restraint of trade.  £350m a week for the NHS?  You were conned.  What the billionaires and hard right politicians who are driving Brexit want is ultra- capitalism.  They hate the EU because its workers rights,  health and safety and environmental regulations get in the way of them making even more money than they have already.  Do you really think they care a toss about unemployed people in Barrow and Gateshead?  They move their operations to wherever labour is cheapest and only when Britain is the third world country it is now in such danger of becoming will they be interested in setting up shop here.  The UK a great global trading nation?  It’s a fantasy.  We’re a small offshore island that on our own can’t compete with the big boys.  Do you really want Singapore?  Not me.  I want to carry on in the Britain I know and love.  You were conned.  Brexit is a delusion, a snare, a trap.  The EU is bad but a lot better than the alternative.  Let’s stay in there and use our influence to reform it.  Don’t support Brexit.   You’ll live to bitterly regret it.  Blair’s right.   Support a second referendum.  According to YouGov 48% to 35% now want to stay in the EU.  Why should we be robbed of the chance to change our minds?


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