I have become completely disillusioned with the Green Party.  If like me you think that the scientists are now unanimous, or certainly virtually so, that the current  climate change is man-made, that we and the rest of the planet are now in extreme peril, that we shoud therefore be possessed by a sense of extreme urgency and that getting rid of fossil fuels is going to be so difficult, since they underly pretty well everything we do, that we need to bend every nerve and muscle to this task,  then the obvious thing to do is to join the Green Party, which I did.  I have been very disappointed.  It’s full of people who say ‘Don’t stress apocalyptic scenarios too much,  the public  don’t like it’.   But if we don’t get rid of fossil fuels a.s.a.p. then we will be facing an apocalyptic scenario, even if  the public don’t like to hear this  unwelcome news.  The pubic deserve to be told of the full extent of the peril they are in in no uncertain terms, but the Green Party won’t do it.  Judging from the last election, they seem to be keener to present themselves as an alternative to a socialist Labour Party.  I’ve come to think that they do positive harm because the public looks to them for a line about the environment and are told ‘well there is this climate change but this is only one issue amongst many, we are not a single issue party’.  No wonder the public are not too bothered about climate. 



The Green Party makes a great virtue of democracy within the party.  All voices must be heard.  All except highly critical voices like mine it seems.  I posted my point of view on the members’ website numerous times but got little support.  Of the hundreds of posts hardly any even mentioned climate.  I ran a stall at a party conference but at the next one it was forbidden.   I tried to run a fringe event but my proposal was not deemed important enough.  I wrote an article for the party’s magazine Green World but they wouldn’t print it.  So in the end I gave up on the Green Party and decided the only thing to was to start a new one. Climate 100 is a single issue party because climate change is by far and away the most important issue we face.  Type http://www.climate100.co.uk into your browser.  The present Government’s policies on climate are, of course, so utterly futile as to be derisory. It would clearly be absurd to think that Climate100  could win elections.  But taking enough votes away from the big parties to make them think again does seem a worthwhile objective


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