I so hate Children in Need

Poverty is never a natural condition but always imposed on the have-nots by the haves. Food was being exported out of Ireland to England during the potato famine. In the great Indian famines of the late nineteenth century the last stores of rice were bring confiscated from peasants by British soldiers to pay the Government’s interest to Rothschild’s bank (see Late Victorian Holocausts by Mike Davis). Most of the poverty in the modern world is rooted in nineteenth century colonialism. Aid is often only a way of updating it. Yes we need to buy their pineapples but also recognizing that once there were great and prosperous empires in Africa. Investment not aid but most of all recognition of what we did. I hate Children in Need. Not because it isn’t good to support needy children. But because it feeds our delusion of virtue. Lady Bountiful complacently congratulating herself on her bounty.


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