I suppose it is perfection of form

from my collection Is There Anybody There? 28 poems. If you’d like it send an e mail to thomas2205.jackson@me.com and I’ll send a free pdf. Or as it’s nice to have a printed poetry book send land address and £1.00 p&p via paypal.  My paypal address is climateonehundred.co.uk




I suppose it is perfection of form
Why a naked woman is so beautiful
A high congruence of natural art
A sensual totality, the whole lady
A sweet belonging of each part
I gaze upon this lovely thing of nature
Like a satyr looking through a window
The slim ankles, the slender neck
The neat toes that so undermine my heart


Borne aloft on our big brains we have escaped nature
No longer instinctual now but conceptual, almost
A visiting intellectual, a mind trapped in a creature
I am no longer the snow and the wind and the rain
You are human too like me, and yet – O miracle!
You are beautiful as the flowers are beautiful
Through you I belong to the earth again
So perhaps that is why my heart turns over
When you get up afterwards to pour the tea
Because you are so beautiful
And because I am your lover



A Truth Universally Acknowledged

She minded her p’s more than her q’s, Jane Austen,

Polished irony, a pointed pen, punctiliousness

Perfect manners, well punctuated pride, prejudice,

No awkward questions or quibbles about the universe;

Just Mr Bennett was a cynic, D’Arcy a snob

And poor Miss Bates talked too much, nothing worse.


But we’re all like that, that’s why we like her
She our sort of girl, she takes us off just pat,

We don’t want reminding of beasts and monsters

Howling hungrily and prowling the surrounding dark,

As we sit huddled warm round the campfire
Reading Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Park.


We don’t want deep anguishing about existence

But polite quadrille, formal manners and glittering ball,

Spiced, perhaps, with Elizabeth’s mild struggles
With conscience, before marrying Pemberley after all.

Oh Saint Jane, patron of little things and small causes

Save us from the raging beasts roaring in the darknesses.


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