I’m so bored with this tired old stuff about invisible badgers. Dawkins thinks that the God he rejects, not surprisingly,  is a being outside being who constructed it.  But according to Catholic theology there is no God outside being.  God is being in its totality, the universe in its deepest place.  Since science by definition studies a material reality if there were an immaterial reality science by definition wouldn’t find it.  But it might point us towards it. Which it seems to me is exactly what physics is now doing, which to say the least is not incompatible with a belief in God (a word so misunderstood and abused we could do with another).    Dawkins’ ‘there’s no God because science hasn’t found h(i)r’ is irrational.   It’s like a footballer saying cricket doesn’t exist because in spite of exhaustive searching we can’t find it has an offside rule.  


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