When we use the language of purpose please understand we mean purposeless, tiny scraps of matter act  as if they were the most devious politicians (just a metaphor but a metaphor of what pray?), ideas that couldn’t possibly have will and reason behave as if willfully and reasonably to manipulate minds that actually are,  the fear of hell meme teams up with the religious meme to make people obey priests (or is it that the Darwinian meme teams up with the fear of religion meme to turn people into atheists, but in neither case has anybody ever seen them doing it), the universe is full of meaningful things but the universe itself is just meaninglessly there, we are not free there’s no more to it than brain chemistry (Beethoven was wasting his time then). Would the right term for all this be mumbo jumbo?  There is a much better explanation for all these things and it’s a religious one. 


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