Is this a most irreverent thought, but I can’t help thinking the Catholic Church will never convert mankind until it gets out of the Vatican.  St Peter’s was built on the sale of salvation and is a monument to the Church’s betrayal of its founder’s ideals.   It should be turned into a museum dedicated to the greed and folly of mankind.  And think what Branson would give to turn the papal apartments into a hotel! What would people not pay to have breakfast in the Sistine Chapel? The money could be given to the poor.  I would guess at least a million children in the third world could be cured of blindness.   A rundown office block in Rome with services in St John Lateran would meet all the Church’s needs.  But what about the great gatherings in St Peter’s Square and all the adulation of the Pope by the assembled thousands?  Well exactly.  The Pope could communicate much more efficiently on the internet with all those rich enough to fly to Rome to adulate, and those too poor aren’t going to be there anyway.  Come on Francis!  Je suis Francis. 


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