A besetting fault of religious people, second only to their proclivity for inviting God to bless the atrocities religious zealots  have so often committed – for even burning people alive and the appalling inhumanities that occurred in Chile and Argentina in the Cold War and the dreadful crimes that ISIS are committing today become holy things when God is in on the act – so often religiously minded people blame God for the awful things that happen, as if they were inert and hapless recipients  of the capricious whims of this cruel monster.  ‘It is the will of God’.   Absolutely not.  It is the will of God, we now know, that humans should have evolved in a hazardous Darwinian world of chance and accident outside h(i)r rule ands remit – God said not I decree it but Let it be – for it is only in such a world that free beings  sufficiently independent of God –  what gifts we owe to the atheists, we should learn from them – sufficiently independent to love h(i)r freely could have evolved.  It is only by triumphing over the misfortunes that beset us with patience and courage and hope and cheerfulness that we become virtuous and worthy of loving God.   When the great climate catastrophe comes,  which if the scientists are only half right will be the most terrible event in the whole history of humanity, people will sit around when it is too late saying ‘It is the will of God’.  No, it won’t have been decreed by God, it will have happened because you didn’t to anything to avert it  – well you did do something, you did just enough that was so little it was entirely futile to be able to say ‘look we’re doing something –  while there was still time.   How useful God has proved to be in justifying the stupidity and evils of humanity. 


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