…of the Catholic Church have much increased, but the love far more than the hatred.  Perhaps the problem with the Church of England is that it hasn’t been wicked enough.  For in this theatre of ironies that is the world, perhaps one should expect that the true church of Christ should have been, anyway historically,  the most evil institution on earth.  Even as late as the nineteen eighties the Vatican certainly gave the impression at least (although of course we do not know what went on behind the scenes) of applauding the terrible atrocities that happened in South America during the cold war.  Those who give permission for atrocities, if only implicitly,  are surely worse than those who actually commit them.  I know one shouldn’t, but you can’t help feeling a little bit proud of those bad Renaissance popes who were so colourful and loved art so much , rather as one might feel secretly proud of a naughty old grandfather. 


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