Jacob Rees-Mogg versus the skylark

Many leave voters voted for Brexit because they looked back to an idyllic Britain the Spitfires defended in 1940 – the green fields and country lanes, the verges crammed with wild flowers and the hedges full of singing birds – and looked forward to 2040 when Britain would again be an independent country in charge of its own destiny.  Nothing expresses that idyllic Britain more that Vaughan Wllliams’s Lark Ascending.  When we leave the E.U. we shall be desperate for a trade deal with America, and the first thing the Americans will want is access to U.K. markets for their agricultural goods.  With their huge subsidies, ultra-intensive methods, economies of scale and low environmental standards they will wipe out British agriculture unless British farming responds in kind.  It will mean even bigger farms, even more intensive methods, yet more pesticides and even more soil loss and desertification.   Already Britain is rated as one of the most wild-life depleted countries in the world. Brexit will finally finish off the country we have loved so much and turn it into a chemical desert.   Goodbye butterflies, goodbye wild flowers, goodbye singing birds.  I used to listen to Lark Ascending with delight, now only with grief and apprehension. Pull back,  I beg of you, before it is finally too late.


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