Labour Be Bold

Labour Be Bold

If I were in charge of the Labour Party (unlikely) my policies would be

  1. A second referendum.  Not because Brexit was a bad idea, although it probably was, but because the 2016 vote was an outrage on democracy.  The public were misled with lies (notably the infamous £350 m a week for the NHS on the red bus, and Turkey about to join the EU), the tabloids were allowed to give their readers only one side of the case and that in a hysterically manipulative way, and the deplorably underhand methods of Cambridge Analytica employed to Cummings.  This was no way to make so momentous a decision. Such a policy would make the party even more unelectable than it is at the moment, if that were possible.  But don’t forget according to the opinion polls Remain were leading Leave by a large margin for months, if not years, before we finally left.  The Tory Brexiters in the Government  refused a second referendum because they knew they would lose.  Don’t forget either how unpopular Mrs Thatcher was, but politicians who believe what they say impress. It only needs Brexit to go badly, which it will and is already beginning to do so, before people begin to think again. They need to be offered an alternative to ‘we’ve done it now so we’d better make the best of it’.  If you’re travelling in the wrong direction stop and turn round 
  • Put climate change before all else.  All out to cut carbon emissions.  The Tories talk green but are fatally compromised because fossil fuel companies give them such huge donations.  See opening a coal mine, suspending duties on internal flights and abandoning their initiative to green homes.  Cop 26 will be a failure because it is chaired by a country manifestly acting differently to its rhetoric.  Labour needs to tell people how serious the crisis is and it needs blood sweat toil and tears to resolve it.  As the climate catastrophe worsens people will, unwillingly,  begin to listen.
  •  Support Scottish independence.. If we were back in the EU it would be possible for an independent Scotland and England to have totally smooth and amicable relationships.  Johnson’s  saying one thing to some people and the opposite to others have led to an impossible predicament in Ireland and will lead to a rancorous feud with Scotland. 

Be bold. Say what you believe, not what you think will go down well with the electorate. By the next election things will have changed.


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