Labour deserves Its electoral Ignominy

Doubtless this mail will go to some secretary who will write back politely saying MPs are not allowed to deal with correspondence from people who aren’t their constituents. Please don’t bother.  Just hand this on to your MP and tell them not to write back.  I don’t want one of those evasive replies full of omissions and half-truths in which art politicians are so skilled. 

Starmer is said to be ineffective and Labour to have no clear policies.  A well-deserved criticism because Labour is dodging the great issues of the age almost as much as the Conservatives are.

The evidence from the science that we are bequeathing a hell on earth to our children if we don’t deal with climate much more decisively than we are doing is now overwhelming.  Is Labour putting averting runaway global warming right at the top of its agenda?  Is it telling us we are on course to deliver an unliveable world to our kids? No

Rich countries and banks love international debt.  Unless poor countries keep paying interest the taps will be turned off and the economies of these countries will collapse. It keeps money flowing from poor countries to rich ones. Is Labour campaigning to cancel the debts? No 

Half the world’s species are on course to disappear by the end of the century.  The destruction of so many beautiful creatures that took millions of years to evolve in a few decades is a new Holocaust. Surely the greatest crime humanity has ever committed.  Is Labour campaigning to end factory farming and pesticide agriculture and the destruction of habitats? No

Pharmaceutical companies are growing rich on the patents for the covid vacccines even though governments poured millions into supporting their development.  Until everybody in the world is vaccinated variants will keep on coming which could threaten rich countries as well as the poor ones that can’t afford the vaccines.   Is it Labour policy to suspend the patents?  No

Brexit may or may not work.  But in any case the 2016 referendum was an assault on democracy.   We were misled by lies and the methods of Cambridge Analyitica employed by Cummings which may well have turned the vote were deceitful and entirely odious.  For the four years in between the referendum and leaving the EU the opinion polls consistently showed a decisive lead for Remain.  But a Tory government denied us a second vote.  Is it Labour policy to stir up the can of worms and have a second vote?  Of course not.

Your policies are dodging every issue major.   They are feeble and you deserve the electoral ignominy you are experiencing.  Please get your act together because you are delivering us into the hands of a government that is even worse than you would be.


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