Lent: a theological blog 10 iii 19

Lent.  How amazing that instead of falling down before some god and offering him a few best bulls you can pity his wounds.   What a turnaround in the history of religion.   How Christ’s wounds open your heart as no slaughter of bulls could.  It’s a bit like your relationship with your father. Don’t think about him that much but he’s always there and glad he’s happy messing about in his shed.  See you next week Dad.  But suppose he was knocked down and badly injured in the road.  How you would suddenly realise how much you loved him, how significant this event would be, how you’d hardly think of anything else, how you’d rush down to the hospital.  Lent is like that.  It is because of his wounds that we are able to enter into so intimate a relationship with God.  To me so deeply moving, so significant, so personally meaningful, so enthralling  the soul.   I don’t care whether Darwin didn’t mention it or whether they haven’t yet detected Christ’s wounds in the Large Hadron Collider at Cern or not.  So far as I am concerned the humanists can all go and jump in the lake.


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