Let it be

Genesis and science are surprisingly in agreement with each other.  Hawking says the Big Bang came out of nothing,   Genesis says in the beginning the earth was empty and void.  Evolutionary science says developing life wasn’t made by anybody it happened of its own accord.  Genesis says God didn’t make the world like you make lego either.  S(h)e said ‘let it be’.   God didn’t make the world.  S(h)e allowed it to happen.  It is almost impossible for us to think of the Big Bang as if we weren’t there saying ‘look at that’,  because when we are thinking about it we are always thinking about ourselves thinking about it thinking ‘how meaningful is that’.  But there wasn’t anybody there thinking ‘how meaningful is that’.  It just happened.  Yet it can’t have been totally without meaning either even though there were not yet meaning seeking, or is it meaning bestowing, creatures around.  It wasn’t just a scruunghershmishmosh.  it must have had a structural meaningfulness because as it cooled meaningful things started emerging from it.  There wasn’t anybody looking on thinking how meaningful is that, neither us nor God.  But somewhere wrapped up in the scruunghermishmosh there must have been a principle of meaningfulness that enabled the scruungheermishmosh to transcend itself.  Let it be.




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