No anger can be too great no disappointment too keen no contempt too scalding for the Catholic Church’s betrayal of its founder’s teaching (burning people alive, the Inquisition, slavery, selling salvation for money, Galileo, Pinochet, to name but a few of its enormities).  Yet I love it dearly for the beauty of its doctrines.  Not least of which is the belief that the dead are not lost.  I pray each day for people I have known.  Or rather, these days, since after death the dead must surely enter a realm beyond space and time and even in this life our deepest thoughts are outside, or better inside, space and time, these days I feel almost as if I am accompanying them right up to the terrible gateways through which they have already passed but myself not yet.  And hope that when my turn comes they will accompany me.  How the atheists will jeer.


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