Not actually going to do anything about it then

Dear Thomas
Thanks for your email.  We share your concerns about the effects of carrier bags on the environment and, for a number of years, have been focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling plastic bags in all our stores.

We know plastic bags are a concern for many people and our customers, colleagues and stakeholders often tell us they’d like us to do more to reduce the number they use.  We believe that encouraging customers to change their behaviour is the best way to reduce the numbers of bags used and we’ve done this by replacing our single-use orange carrier bags in-store with reusable bags for life in England, Scotland and Wales. These reusable bags aren’t subject to any levy but we still voluntarily donate profits from these bags to good causes locally and when they are worn out, we will replace them for free. The most popular of our reusable bags is our Bag for Life which costs 5p (10p in Northern Ireland) and is made from 100% recycled material. We’ve got a range of reusable bags priced from between 5p up to more than £1.

Single-use orange carrier bags are still currently available through online orders so we comply with the levy on these and donate charges in full to charity, however we do offer a bagless option for online orders to further encourage customers to use fewer bags.

I’m grateful to you for writing to us about this important issue and I hope I’ve been able to assure you of our commitment to the environment.  If you need more information please feel free to visit our corporate website.

Kind regards

Philip White | Sainsbury’s Careline


Not actually going to do anything about it then


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