O clear glass of reason! O shining seat of wisdom!  On the one hand the Government says it’s determined to contain global warming by cutting down on our consumption of fossil fuels.  On the other it is doing all it can to increase their production. We are now legally constrained to maximize extraction of fossil fuels in order, supposedly, to spur growth in the economy.  Fracking is even being extended into national parks.   Grants for installation of solar panels are being cut.  Huge subsidies continue to be given to the fossil fuel industries.


On the one hand the Government says it has learnt lessons about flooding and will increase funding to contain it.  On the other, it is encouraging even more of the clearance of uplands which do so much to cause the flooding in the first place.


Would it be a good idea to have a permanent professor of logic in the Cabinet?  Perhaps he could be called Minister for Calling Attention to the Bleeding Obvious.  Probably not,  they might confuse the muddled thinking of the politicians more than ever.  How about a ten year old child?  Now we’re getting somewhere.  We’d better prevent the child from asking ‘Are you more concerned with protecting capitalism than the general public?’. though.  That really would mean sitting outside on the stairs on the naughty stool. 


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