One out One in

Yesterday we had to have our lovely poodle put down.  How infinitely sad to lose so dear a friend.   Amazing that that great life force is now forever stilled, for  spreading happiness around was his great talent. Strangers passing in cars would break out into smiles when they saw him.  How he loved people.  What merry prancing and wagging of tail.  How he disapproved of cyclists in lycra.  How he enjoyed outwitting that old fool his master.   Well, this especially happy and holy soul is now with God.  The thought that the dead are not lost and we shall meet them again in a greater dimension is among the most cherished of my Catholic beliefs, and that includes our dear pets.  Of course, as with all beliefs, this lovely thought may be untrue.  But how, in this world of incredible wonders, could one not continue to at least hope that so bright an inspiration will  turn out to be true?  Well one day we shall find out.  Or not,  as the case may be.  Science, after all, continues to assure us that ultimately it is always only the previously thought to be totally incredible that is the case.  It is the unbelievable in which we should believe.   So I shall offer up a candle to the Virgin for him, not to expiate his sins for he had none, but as a symbol of our hope that everything, even death, will ultimately turn out well.  All things in the end work out for good/ But not in the way you thought they would.  So now for the next dog…


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