Perhaps you should get off your high horse Madam

Perhaps you should get off your high horse madam.A Catholic lady tweets that she is so dismayed to hear that her parish priest has been abusing children she is not sure she can go to mass again.  The crimes of the wretched clerical pederasts are indeed dreadful.  But perhaps the offended lady might consider that most of us are abusing our children to a far greater degree even than the clergy, because we are unwilling to take the decisive measures we need to take to avert the climate hell we are bequeathing to them.  The lady might ask herself: Do you eat no meat or at least very little (and certainly not cheap meat from what was once the Amazon rain forest).  The evidence for the hell that is coming is now overwhelming.  Have you read the IPCC reports?  The Royal Society and Met Office web sites?  Tim Flannery’s The Weathermakers, Mark Lynas’s Our Future on a Hotter Planet, Monbiot’s Heat, the scientific journals (or just The Daily Mail or The Daily Telegraph)?   Have you given up flying (now only 2 % of emissions but after covid set to soar.  Emissions in the stratosphere are up to 4 times worse than on the ground).   Have you allowed yourself to be deluded by green twaddle (a million trees planted even as the Amazon is being torn down, natural gas is a transition fuel even though shale gas is 84 times worse than CO2 over 20 years because of its methane emissions, pious ejaculations about fossil fuels even as oil is still being heavily subsidized)?  Do you bombard your MP with letters about this (almost useless, you will doubtless receive a blandly evasive reply replete with hidden half-truths and not quite lies in which art politicians are such skilled practitioners, but they do weigh their postbags)?  Have you considered that instead of giving up going to Mass you might encourage your parish to invest in a plastic recycling machine (google Precious Plastic). Do you only eat organic (relentless ploughing and over-cropping are major causes of soil loss – soil is an important carbon sink – and pesticide are decimating insects, surely a new Holocaust with devastating implications for ourselves)?  I urge you to consider that the scientists are telling us we need to reduce emissions by 45% by 2030 to have any hope of averting the catastrophe.  2021 is already set to be the second worst year on record for carbon emissions. If you cannot award yourself a 100% tick on all of these points perhaps you should at best amend your ways or at worst await with what dignity you can the horror that is coming. Tough on the kids though.  Don’t just read the papers, read the science.


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