Project Fear ? You bet

The Government’s incompetence over corona virus has been dismaying.  They say they are following the science but then ignore the scientific advice.  Contact tracing is a tragedy and a national humiliation.  It only works if you start it when the R rate is low, for otherwise the contacts that need tracing rapidly become astronomical.  Why wasn’t the system given maximum priority in July and August when the R rate was indeed low? The u-turns and changes in policy have undermined the public’s trust.   It is not entirely fanciful to fear, therefore, that their handling of Brexit will be disastrous.  The idea of a small over-populated island with few raw materials of its own, a work force that demands high wages and a huge national debt, with an economy already devastated by corona virus and in the middle of the worst global recession for a hundred years, thinking it can leave the EU with no deal is clearly mad.  Maybe some time but not now.  Yet the Government is giving us every sign that this is what it intends to do.  Of course, there is always a lot of posturing and these deals often get done at the last minute.  But it is getting perilously late.  Are we heading for a catastrophic social and economic breakdown?  Project fear?  You bet.


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