Project Fear?Yes indeed

The Government’ s tactic over Brexit is now clear. They will keep the EU talking over fishing rights (only 1% of the British economy in other circumstances it would be high comedy) until time runs out to make a deal. Since neither in Parliament nor in the country is there a majority for no deal, it is the only way to get it. A government that cared for its citizens would surely never dream of a no deal in the midst of a pandemic, the worst global recession for a hundred years an already shattered economy and a country that in the main clearly doesn’t want it. Will we see in the next few months, even weeks, acute shortages, food riots, covid spreading exponentially, the NHS overwhelmed, Scotland and Northern Ireland, even Wales, trying to leave the UK, anarchy, parliament suspended and a state of emergency declared with imprisonment without trial, torture, disappearances and all the other apparatuses of dictatorship? Shurely not but it’s in the political logic. Project Fear? Yes indeed.  I pray i’m some kind of mad doom and gloom fanatic.


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