So disappointed by feminism

I’m so disappointed by feminism.  I had thought that surely if women had more power there would be a saner, more rational, a less selfish and more caring world.  But women in public life are proving themselves to be just as stupid and blind as the men.  My disillusionment with feminism began when so many female MP’s voted for the Iraq war. How can they have been so stupid? I’m greatly saddened by the Womens’ Equality Party.  Equal this and equal that.  More money! More power! Make us just as rich and short sighted as the men!  Climate change?  Species loss? Paying a bit more to all those women in Bangladesh who work ten hours a day for less than a dollar to make their knickers?  In their seven aims not a word.  Of course, not all feminists are like that.  But as everywhere in politics it is the loudmouths who speak loudest.


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