So fed up with the Green Party

Continue to be fed up with the Green Party. For years it refused to confront the public with the true extent of the climate peril. It was full of people who said you mustn’t scare people too much about climate we’re not a single issue party. It was possessed by the fantasy it was a government in waiting. No wonder the public didn’t think climate all that important if even the Greens gave that impression. And now it’s going to help divide the remain vote and let in Farage, who will do everything he can to ensure nothing is done about climate change. What it should do now is withdraw all its candidates from the European election, and in return enter into an alliance with the Liberal Democrats, asking in return that if they gain any kind of power they take the climate issue extremely seriously, which they already do, and will give some sort of share in that power to the Green Party. When I think of the horrors that are coming the dopiness of this party makes me weep.


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