Thanks Boris and Farage for turning us into a third world country

Thanks Boris and Farage for turning us into a third world country.  All these wonderful trade deals we’re supposed to be striking up.  Have you seen the deals American corporations make with isolated countries?  Turning the NHS over to private medicine will certainly be a precondition.  China?  China’s interest in us was that it gave them access to the EU.  What have we got to sell to them now? We won’t even be able to sell them Scotch whiskey.   A few pictures of the Queen on mugs perhaps?  They’ll like that.  The EU?  A condition of access to the single market will be free movement of peoples so we’ll have to accept it though the whole point of Brexit was to get the foreigners out.  So what will we do?  Simple.  If we can’t get them out through trade deals if we commit enough hate crimes they won’t want to come here.  Every competent economic authority in the world warned us that the UK economy would shrink if we left the EU.  Nar mate it was just Project Fear.  Why believe people who know what they are talking about when you can read a couple of lines in The Sun?  What a disaster. How can we stop Project Stupid before Article 50 is triggered?


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