Thanks Rongo-manui for stealing the yams

Strange how many people think of themselves as rational but base their whole lives on completely irrational and unquestioned axioms.  Biblical fundamentalists think Genesis is literally true despite overwhelming evidence that it isn’t.  Free trade fundamentalists won’t have government interference at any price (except the 12 trillion dollars governments provided to bail out the 2008 financial crash which was, of course, nothing to do with the greed and stupidity of the banks, not me guv too much government regulation).  Atheists talk the whole time in what Dawkins called “the language of purpose” and then define purposeful to mean purposeless (since God doesn’t exist how could it mean anything else and the purposelessness we see all around just shows that he doesn’t).    Marxists believe in dialectical materialism.  Climate deniers think scientists who have spent their whole lives studying climate don’t know what they are talking about, they need to read The Daiy Mail.  Makes the Polynesian myth that we can now eat yams because the god Rongo-manui went to heaven to visit his brother Wahui and then stole his yams look quite sensible.


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