The Best of Sex

I wonder how many people find, like me, that the best sex is that of later life, he unable to penetrate anymore because his erection is too limp, she not wanting it because her vulva has lost its plump pinkness, the labia loosening, the clitoris shrunk.  Just lying naked together loving each other, as once you lay naked on your mother’s breast, the future then all before you, now the past almost done.  No more the sweating and the anxiety, the fear that he might go off with the blonde next door, for she would not be interested in him now, nor she leave him for a more sexually attractive man, for who would want her at her age.  Were you doing it properly like they do it on TV and as Alex Comfort advises, would you be able to perform tonight?   All over now.  The green hastening  of high summer done, now only the richly bronzed and golden leaves of autumn falling softly to the ground.  Just lying together loving each other after so many years, so many memories.   Is there any happiness greater than this?


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