The terrifying world that’s coming: Theological blog 1 – x – 19

The terrifying world that’s coming: Theo blog 1- x – 19

God told us to look after the earth in Genesis.  Can you imagine any crime greater than trashing this beautiful planet?  Moi? Surely not.  The great issue facing us now in the UK, because it is everywhere else too, is not Brexit but climate change.   The scientists are warning us solemnly and unanimously that unless we take far more decisive steps to get rid of fossil fuels, in the few years we have left, we are preparing a hell on earth for our children.  Climate sceptics comfort themselves, as sceptics always do, with myths, in this case that the scientists are divided.  In any significant sense, they are not.  I doubt if there has ever been a controversial issue in science where the scientists have achieved so complete a consensus as they now have on climate. 5000 working for the IPCC, 197 national scientific associations including the Royal Society, the climate department at East Anglia, the met office, Tyndall, every scientific association in America…the evidence is now overwhelming.  Doubtless there are some mavericks the tabloids will dig up from somewhere, some Professor Zonk from Tiddlywinks University, as there always are.  There are some historians who deny the Holocaust.  How blind and irresponsible can human beings get?  You would have thought this issue is so serious it would have been right at the top of the political agenda.  Hardly.  All the political oxygen is being taken up by Brexit.  If Brexit goes ahead we will become incapable of playing our part in dealing with climate change.  We will be obsessed with finding our feet in a post-Brexit world, we’ll be strapped for cash and will inevitably become lined up with Trump’s climate denying America.  Isn’t the realistic thing to put Brexit on hold for ten years while we sort out climate? Maybe you aren’t concerned about the future of your kids but don’t condemn ours to the terrifying world that’s coming.   Stop Brexit, think kids.


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