The wonder of it

Think of the extraordinary order of a beehive.  Each bee has its appointed task, it all makes exact sense in terms of the overall survival of the hive. The bees make cells in their combs exactly hexagonal (mathematically the shape that gives you the  maximum number in a confined space) and follow their flight paths and then come back to do their waggle dances, so they can tell the other bees where to go with, again, exact mathematical precision.  Then think of the Milankovich cycles that plot the earth’s paths round the sun.  The longest takes a hundred thousand years, the second governs the tilts in the earth’s axis and lasts 40,000 years and the third the wobbles in the orbits, to be repeated again exactly in another 22,000 years.  All of these interact with exact mathematical precision to make the earth’s distance from the sun hospitable to life.  How does such wonderful order both on the small and the large scale not engage your heart as much as it does your intellect.  The wonder of it.  I find the atheist answer well it’s just there that’s just how it is nothing more to be said both non-explanatory and uninspiring.


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