Would I be right in thinking  that the politicians have no intention – and the complacent self-congratulation after Paris only confirms one’s worst fears – of averting the  climate catastrophe to which we are all so rapidly heading?  Too many people don’t understand the science and are bewildered by it  (you can, after all, always find some scientists who disagree with the consensus as there are some professional historians who deny the Holocaust, and newspapers are diligent in seeking them out),  the drastic measures that would have to be taken would be too unpopular, the tabloids would go into hysteric mode,  the present administration would fear they might fall from power and the Opposition  fear they might never gain it.  When the great catastrophe comes  (as an elephant is bigger than a fly so much the far, far more terrible than anything that has ever happened in human history before, warn so many scientists –  severe floods, droughts and hurricanes, whole countries going under water, hundreds of millions starving and homeless, vicious resource wars that might well go nuclear: how can you even think about it?)  the then government will say ‘It’s all our predecessors’ fault, it’s far too late now’ and the predecessors, who will by then be Lords Whatsits of Nowhere robed in scsrlet and ermine, will say, as Blair now does about the Iraq war, ‘Nobody could foresee what was going to happen’.  Alas, Alas, Alas.  


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