There is no God beyond the sky. But what of inflation?

There is no God somewhere beyond the sky.  But there is a creative intellectual force deep within the universe.  Most ordinary people like me have at last got round to accepting that the universe began with the Big Bang.  It was with astonishment therefore that I discovered that is not what most cosmologists now think.  They think the Big Bang itself was caused by what they call inflation.  Inflation is the energy that they now think is causing the universe to expand for ever.  It is hard to grasp this. Inflation must have existed before the Big Bang but there cannot have been a before the Big Bang because time and space were created in the Big Bang.   Inflation is elemental energy. But according to Einstein E=MC2.  Energy and light  must have involved mass.  But, in the doubtless naïve way I picture it, mass could not be contained in the tiny amount of space that was originally created in the Big Bang so there was a vast explosion.  We cannot think about this except in terms of before and after, but it must have all happened at once together.  How can we understand that?


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