Atheists think that at every stage of evolution the elements of nature met up with each other and formed more complex things by accident.  Two atoms of hydrogen bump into one of oxygen and abacadabra! there’s water.  Something  so purposeful (a term they have to use, for want of better word for they have no other) as the proof reading mechanism in cells just happened to happen.  This is obvious nonsense.   There must be teleology.  Things form higher unities because they already have a virtual capacity to do so, which is not activated until they encounter each other, that is built into them.  In other words they are already orientated towards the future, but this orientation itself is not detectable by microscopes.   There can’t just be one orientation towards the future present in one thing that is entirely separate from that present in another.  There must be an overall orientation towards the future, that, for want of better word, we call God.  But for atheists teleology is a taboo word.  The structure of their thinking is:  since teleology is taboo, things must happen by accident because that is the only alternative.  However illogical that solution might seem it is the only logical one because the alternative, teleology, is taboo. 


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