A belief in elves and goblins may be primitive and superstitious but it is more rational than humanism.   At least it recognizes that in the sticks and stones of daily experience there is a further dimension of reality expressing itself indirectly in this one,  as the nonlocality, sums over histories and infinite universes of contemporary physics suggest.  God?  You wouldn’t believe in Father Christmas would you?   Altruism?  It’s just selfish genes misfiring.  Beauty?  It’s a private emotion.   Since by definition science examines material reality, so if there were an immaterial reality science wouldn’t locate it?  Exactly, science hasn’t located it.   The numinous presence of the divine in the universe?  Pretty isn’t it.  The eternal truths of mathematics?  It’s just the way our brains work.  Experiences of enlightenment in contemplative prayer?  They’re deluding themselves.   Purpose in genes?  Please understand that  when I say purposeful what I mean is purposeless.  Funny that there’s no other language available.  All quite logical you see.  Since there can only be a materialistic explanation for everything all these things can only have a materialistic explanation.  Let us all go out with Dr Johnson and kick that stone.  Or kick Doctor Johnson.


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