UKIP on immigration, or any other party for that matter, is like someone hiding in a cupboard under the stairs when the house is on fire.  If most of the scientists are right, by mid-century parts of the world will be uninhabitable.  There will be millions of desperate refugees without even food and water,  and such desperate people will get hold of weapons of mass destruction, in order to force the haves to share what they have, as surely as an alcoholic gets hold of drink.   Our shores will be assailed not by thousands but by millions of asylum seekers.  We will be facing an asylum catastrophe.  But UKIP, despite the overwhelming consensus of the science, is full of climate deniers.    We are in the greatest peril.  We need to wake up to the immense danger we are all in and switch our attention to getting rid of fossil fuels a.s.a.p., thus removing the reason why people will  have to flee their homes in the first place.  It is now very, very late but not quite too late.  How nice it would be if there were no climate change (‘there isn’t, I read an article about it in the newspaper’) and our biggest problem was whether to stay in Europe or not.  UKIP, get real. 


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