We need another name than God for the nameless we cannot name.

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God creates the universe  but the universe creates God.  There is no God beyond the sky who created the universe.  God is within the universe and that innermostly, said Aquinas.  At every level, nature binds elements together to create higher unities that transcend the elements that compose them.  Electrons, protons and neutrons combine to make atoms. Atoms combine into molecules. Molecules into cells.  Cells into organisms. At one level everything in nature is particulated and separate. But at another, the other, everything is a unity. That ultimate unity is what we mean by God, the higher unity of all higher unities.  It is already existing in the universe, but not at the particulated level on which we mostly live.  It is the ultimate achievement  of evolution, Teilhard’s omega point. I believe that science is now telling us this.  More on that next time.   We really do need a term other than God to refer to this great mystery, since the idea of God has become so deeply contaminated with reference to the great manufacturer beyond the sky.


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