Climate through comedy.  Come and support us.  The scientists are now unanimous.  If we don’t quit fossil fuels decisively and urgently our children are headed for terrible lives on a devastated planet.  But on the other hand there are amazing new technologies coming on stream with which we can create a much better post-fossil fuel world for them. Lab cultured meat; artificial bacteria that will scrub carbon once we stop emitting it;  planes flying on solar power; electric cars;  a host of green energy technologies. Climate change isn’t just a crisis it’s the most wonderful opportunity with which human beings have ever been presented.  Hence the comedy.  But all of this will go to naught once we trigger runaway global warming which we are now very close to doing.   Fossil fuels are now so deeply embedded in our culture, and finances, getting rid of them will require a Herculean effort.  Let’s do it.  We need to go all out to create the better post-fossil fuel world.  If the UK set an example of single-minded determination other countries would follow. 


What a moment to be alive!  Play your part.  Everybody can make their contribution to creating a new world.  Don’t just stand there bleating like a sheep waiting for the slaughter. Come and support us.  Next gig 1pm to 2pm at Gullivers 109 Oldham Street Saturday March 14th.  Climate topic: the tipping point. Structure of show: 45 minutes of sketches (mostly satirical) songs and poems. Then for anybody who wants to stay 5 minutes explanation of why the tipping point is so important followed by 20 minutes discussion.  £2 entry




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