Who has been the more successfully married, me who has a loving wife and has been made deliriously happy by marriage, or my friend who took on a man who turned out to constantly belittle her, was given to hysterical rages,  liked to do a bit of cruising on the side, and in the end tried to murder her?  She stuck it for ten years before she felt she could take no more and left, and is now in a second very happy marriage.  I regard her as a hero of marriage.  Can it be right to exclude such a person who tried so hard and suffered so much from the eucharist, communion as we significantly call it?  To deny someone communion is to excommunicate them, to say we don’t want you as part of our society.  Can you imagine Jesus saying that to my friend?  For us there is only the trying, as the poet says.  Each person knows in their heart whether they tried their best or not, and all, however much they failed and however much they succeeded,  need to be in communion with  the Lord and all other Christians


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