1.     Rationalists usually say that they believe in science.  But by definition science only examines material reality.  If there were an immaterial reality science would not locate it.  It is irrational to say that there is no immaterial reality because science has not located it.


2.     For  thousands  of years untold numbers of mystics have reported that at the end of  long and arduous inner journeys, as rigorously conducted as any experiment in science,  they have discovered a further dimension of reality.  The Buddhists call it nirvana, Hindus saccidananda or unalloyed bliss, Christians union with God.  It is irrational to say ‘although I have never attempted to  follow such arduous inner journeys and have never had such experiences, and in fact know almost nothing about them,  I am quite certain mystics are at best deluded and at worst charlatans because such reports don’t happen to fit in with my view of the world’.



3.     Since the beginning of  known human life people have left testimonies in their art to experiences of  a numinous dimension in nature that cannot be explained by the material structures that convey it.  It is irrational to say ‘since I will only admit clear and distinct rational ideas as valid such experiences are invalid’ and never to ask ‘could it be that because I have so emphasized the logical at the expense of the intuitive I do not have such experiences because my capacity to have them has withered?’.


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