Yet people still aren’t bothered

from Sam Miller MacDonald


We also know what happens to civilizations when even relatively minor ecological shifts occur: war and collapse. Climate change is not a minor ecological shift. It is immense, global, and millennial. What will happen to the 200 million people who today depend on glacier water to survive when the glaciers all melt? All the glaciers are melting fast. We can see it with our living eyes. What will happen to those people? They will move. When they move, people will fight each other for space and resources. People have always done this. Five million Syrians moving has proved sufficient to destabilize geopolitical dynamics. What happens when droughts, expanding deserts, and famines ravage every continent? Hundreds more millions of people will move. When they move, war. At least a billion people are threatened by rising oceans. Those billion plus people will move. War. Any one of these ecological disruptions is sufficient to spark world wars. But with the compounding of all of them at the same time? Many nations will collapse. Those collapses will be swift and violent.

Yet people still aren, bothered about it.


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