You should be go vegan because


(1) iindustrialized meat and dairy are major drivers of climate change (an area of Amazon forest the size of Belgium is being destroyed every year to grow soya.  Slow grown beef though is actually good for the environment because cows in fields emit less methane and long established meadows have deep roots that absorb carbon)

(2)  so-called civilized societies are extremely cruel  to  millions of animals not lucky enough to be cats and dogs  (what finally made us vegan was a film about the millions of day old chicks gassed or decapitated all the time.  A crime against beauty if nothing else)

(3)  it’s far more healthy (especially from the cholesterol point of view.  So energizing many athletes go vegan for the duration of their training)

(4)  if everyone went vegan it would solve the world’s food problem (you can produce up to 12 times as much nourishment in vegetable form as meat form because the animals use so much energy supporting themselves)

(5)  Surprisingly perhaps the food is amazingly delicious (most of the great cuisines of the world have plenty of dishes that are effectively vegan).


When I read that the Catholic bishops want people to eat fish on Friday for penitential reasons I want to run round the kitchen throwing things.  We’re fishing the seas out.  Have they any idea of the cruelty we are meeting out to fish, unfortunately for them non-cuddly species (the fish that is not the bishops)?   Do they realise that the scientists calculate we can safely burn another 565 gigatonnes of carbon and since we’re currently burning about 30 gtonnes a year that gives us about twenty years before we face the danger of runaway global warming, which once set in motion could even end in about two hundred years  time with the  extinction  of most life on earth, including the human, with suffering incalculable along the way?  Stick a pin in a bishop today. 


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