A great comedy duo?

I sometimes wonder whether Thomas Aquinas and Brother Reginald, a lay brother the Dominicans appointed to make sure the great philosopher didn’t fall into a ditch or walk out into the road and things, were not a great comedy duo like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza or Blackadder and Baldrick, but unfortunately none of the jokes but only the Summa Theologica has come down to us. Thomas: ‘Man is a rational animal. Homo naturaliter rationalis’ Reginald: ‘Look Thomas all we want is a bed for the night. Homo naturaliter B&B requirat’ Thomas: ‘Ha Ha Ha that is exactly my point’ Reginald: ‘Oh Gawd’. Newton had a manservant also called, curiously enough, Newton. Unfortunately only the Principia Mathematica has come down to us.


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