A little cheddar cheese perhaps?

Brexit talked about all these trade deals but what are we going to have to trade with?  Mrs Thatcher, aided and abetted by Lord Lawson, destroyed  much of our industry.  Now much of the financial services which were supposed to replace it will move from London.  So what are we going to have to sell?  A little cheddar cheese perhaps?  Not even whiskey if Scotland goes independent.  Brexit was always telling us that we are the fifth biggest economy in the world.  But that was because we were in the EU.  Every independent economic authority has assured us that the UK economy will shrink.  The pound will probably stay weak for a long time.  That is good news for exports in the short run but not in the long, because you have to pay more for the imports you need in order to manufacture your exports.  Did Boris, and still less all those millions who voted Brexit, having only read the Sun and didn’t watch the excellent debate on Channel 4 two days before the vote, really think about this?  More people watched the football in a match in which, significantly, England weren’t even playing.


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