A small over-populated offshore island.

Few want another Brexit referendum but we should keep the possibility open because, whatever happens, Brexit is now bound to be a disaster. This is primarily because the nation is now not solidly behind it, as it was behind Churchill in the Second World War. Those who now think the UK was wrong to leave the EU now exceed those who would still vote leave by a considerable margin. But it is also because the reality is becoming increasingly clear. We are a small over-populated offshore island with few natural resources and a work force that demands high wages, nursing ridiculous fantasies of post-imperial self-aggrandisement, with an economy severely damaged by covid-19 and saddled with a huge national debt, that has succeeded in alienating every major economic power in the world and has now fallen into the hands of an extraordinarily incompetent government. No good can come of it. In the end, we shall be forced to apply to join the EU again, if they’ll have us, with our tail between our legs. But we’re now going to have to learn the hard way.


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