Am I right in detecting a complacent swagger in the gait of the Tory cabinet ministers as they walk into No 10?  They should be crawling along on their knees beating their breasts. The report released by the Grantham Research Institute on October 10th tells us that the proposals made by 147 countries for discussion at the Paris climate conference in December will, even if they are adopted and countries keep their promises which is hard to believe,  even in that case the world will fall well short of  keeping global temperatures under 2 degrees of increased warming.  Carbon Tracker, a group of European scientists, estimate that at best  we could only, on these proposals,  manage 2.7.  Average rise in carbon emissions  has been 30 gigatonnes  a year over the past decade.  Last year it was 40.  This year it will be nearer 50 and, I read in the paper,  is set to rise to 60 by 2030.   Our children are going to suffer terrible lives on a  devastated planet because of the failure of today’s politicians.    But you can’t entirely  blame the politicians.  It is the apathy of the public they articulate.  Why aren’t people beside themselves with anxiety.


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