Amazing there was a fifteenth century

I’m reading Eamonn Duffy’s The Stripping of the Altars and at the same time there’s the BBC’s wonderful adaptation of Henry VI and Richard III.  Amazed to find there was a fifteenth century and things happened in it.  History courses were chopped up into 1066 to 1485, 1485 to 1689 and 1689 to now.  We never got beyond 1400 as revision for looming exams always foreclosed the fifteenth century.  But there’s no such thing as objectively accurate history anyway, only a vanished past re-imagined as an extension of the present, with supporting documents, the more misleading in so far as that is the one thing it claims not to be.  I’ll be glad when 1485 comes said Jankyn to Wat as they dug the turnips.


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